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Fuertes Gourmet

A special place that once you enter, you will never want to leave. Wine bar located in Calahorra where you can find the best products of our region. To taste, enjoy and give away.

Services Hired

Fuertes Gourmet decided to hire social media management on Facebook and Instagram, with monthly photo-shoots and online sales management on Amazon.

The promotion of Fuertes Gourmet on social media has been exclusively organic.

Before Garnacha

Fuertes Gourmet offers quality products in their store. However, by being exclusively offline; Increasing their clientele and the impact became complicated.

After Garnacha

His followers increased 28% on Facebook and 17% on Instagram. The interaction of both accounts increased by 349%; again without any advertising investment.

In the same way, Garnacha Solutions relied on the history of this company and used it, on the tenth anniversary of Fuertes Gourmet, to write a post that obtained 120 followers. All these improvements have resulted, among many other things, in a greater influx of young people to the store.

In any case, the result has not been exclusively thanks to an increase in the number of posts but to their quality, both in the case of photography and in the case of texts. An example of this would be the 233% increase in interactions per publication.