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A day came, when dressing differently became possible Clavetaire is a creative fashion boutique that brings handmade products, carefully selected in India.

Hired services

Garnacha Solutions provides Etsy e-commerce, photography and social media management of Facebook and Instagram. In addition, Garnacha launches social ad campaigns to bring potential customers.

Before Garnacha

Clavetaire sold exclusively in physical store and published on its social networks with a very low frequency. Despite this, it was a prestigious space with a very loyal clientele. Esperanza, owner of the company, felt that her product did not reach her potential audience.

After Garnacha

Clavetaire managed to increase its followers on Facebook by 70%, interactions by 185% and its reach by 570%. In the case of Instagram, his followers increased by 14% while the scope of his publications has been 9000%.

The next objective is online sales.

“With Garnacha Solutions, the dissemination of my products is wide, effective and generates the movement I was looking for”

Esperanza Urieta, Owner